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Brakes Plus Services
We are the one stop service shop for all your car needs. We offer the following services:

Preventive maintenance

Oil changes, tire rotations, fluid checks and replacements, plugs, wires, belts, hoses, air filters,  windshield wipers, factory scheduled maintenance, transmission fluid service, brake fluid service, headlights and lights

Under hood  engine bay services

Engine, battery, diagnostics (check engine light, error codes), emissions systems diagnostics and repair, fuel injectors and systems, cooling systems (water pumps, hoses, fluids, radiator), air conditioning repair, heating, tune up, belts, timing chains, valve job, head gasket, hoses, starters, alternators, steering

Under car mechanical services

Brakes, anti-lock systems (ABS), all wheel drive (AWD) and four wheel drive systems(4WD), tires, suspension, drivetrain, joints, axles, wheel alignment, exhaust, mufflers, transmissions, differentials, clutches

Interior repairs

Windows, locks, power windows, power locks, lights, power seats

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